Heroic water rescue captured on film by Delmarva Veteran Builders security cameras.

On Tuesday June 18th, first responders were called to the Salisbury River Walk off of East Market Street to assist a man who had plunged his vehicle into the water. A local bystander named Andrew Lunn happened to witness the accident and immediately jumped into action. He dove into the water, while others helped toss an emergency life preserver that was stationed near the scene. Lunn was able to retrieve the man from the sinking car and swim him to safety. It’s reported that the man will make a full recovery.

Later, DVB was able to look back through security camera footage to capture the scene as it unfolded. From the two video angles below, you can clearly see the quick action taken by Lunn within seconds of the incident taking place. He is a true hero!

Within Hours on facebook, Wicomico First Alert has requested citizens nominate Andrew Lunn to be recognized on the Ellen Show for his heroism. He deserves so much credit for his quick action and selfless behavior. We need more people who are cool under pressure like him!

Help us nominate Andrew for the Ellen Show, click here

View ABC 47’s footage of the event and their interview with Andrew.

Jenny Kerr Schroen