A Hero's Journey
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A Hero's Journey

Ok guys I am taking the bull by the horns and making a move. It’s time we stepped out of the office and away from distractions. We are shutting down the phones and computers and we are going to have some real fun. I figured, that’s who we are, we are different, we are authentic -so let’s get real. I want everyone to leave the office and come to my house with an open mind. We are going to come up with real solutions to future marketing strategies for the company. I will have a few snacks and refreshments (maybe a drinking game?) and Calvin the dog will be the moderator. I am just tired of all the marketing word jargon and I believe this will get our creative minds thinking differently and how we can continue to grow in this over-saturated, over stimulated, small-attention-span generation we live in. Come on a journey with me as we discover new and exciting ideas that could spark a million more. No pressure!

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